Friday, October 24, 2008

Enjoy the Weekend, and Thank You

This weekend marks our Super Bowl. It is a fun time to be a racing fan. Today we do not speak of the business, and takeouts and all the rest. Well we will speak of it in one way: Betting on the Breeders Cup is available everywhere! With all the fighting and players having to have more than one account to play this game, that is no small feat.

A few HANA board members (and advisory board member Dr. Z) are at the Cup this week as per the yearly ritual. We care about the game here and got involved to help it doing much work over the past while of a business nature - setting up bank accounts, a paypal account (thanks to everyone who gave a few bucks!!!), incorporation and much more. But we are fans first and foremost and this day(s) are unlike any other in racing.

Like most, I will be enjoying it from the comfortable confines of the couch. I have my form, my Jcapper stuff, Horse Street stuff, Premier Turf Club clockers reports (an excellent resource for free; it is a pdf file), a six pack of diet coke and the pizza man on speed dial. That should carry me through until Sunday. If only I can hit one or two races. That's the hard part. I hope we all can grab a winner or two to make it all worthwhile in terms of the bankroll.

A sincere thanks to every one of you who have signed up, commented, donated and all the rest. Each morning when we check our database and see a fresh face it puts a smile on our face. It gives us hope.

Best luck at the windows, and to all members: Enjoy your weekend.

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