Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bet Curlin at the Second Call, Anyone?

Thanks to equidaily we see that betting exchange giant Betfair is going to be offering "in running" betting to its Australian customers on Gr. 1 races in that country.

The only race we've ever tried it on in Australia before is the Melbourne Cup. If it catches on here as much as it has in the UK and Europe, it will be huge.

"In the run betting has become so popular in the UK, it now accounts for about 18 per cent of all money traded on UK horse racing."

For those who do not know, in running betting is betting a race while it is being run. For 2 mile races overseas this can result in millions being bet during the race. People flat out enjoy this type of betting as it brings a brand new twist to horse racing.

A long known rule in business is that if you offer your customers more choice you will grow. The ROW (rest of the world) seems to get this concept in betting. In North America we do not seem to be able to join them. When we go to a State house, or legislature we go asking for more money from different forms of gambling. I think we should have been asking for more delivery mechanisms like this one to grow our core sport. We'd probably be much better off.

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