Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Policies Like This Are a Reason People Leave

Today a horseplayer from California blasted this out to his email list.

"I use Xpressbet (Magna's online wagering platform) and easily achieved Diamond status. What I didn’t do is read the fine print where residents of California are NOT eligible for Diamond bonus points.  At least 90% of the money I wager is on southern California Racing I am a California resident who supports California Racing but for some crazy reason get treated worse than someone in just about all other states who take bets on California Racing.  Does that seem fair? How can anyone justify this practice?"

"Diamond status" is a points level at Xpressbet, just like Twinspires or other ADW's have. Points are given out based on play, and perks like free Fedex withdrawals and free deposits are offered.

Because Andy lives in California, he does not get these perks (it's an old "law" to protect a fiefdom).

In the post "Stupid is a brand killer" a business author listed several ways to turn off customers.

"Charge different prices at different outlets and shrug your shoulders when you get found out."
"Put the important information in your terms and conditions, in little tiny type."

If Andy played Draftkings or Fanduel in the growing world of fantasy sports he would have no such issue. California players do not have a different prize structure for starting a good football team. If Andy went to a slot machine he would not have to show ID to be eligible for a free dinner if he played a lot of hours at the machine and earned points. Earning points for weapons on the Kate Upton fueled "Game of War" is not different by state.

Horse racing blames other games, the modern world, the economy, and hundreds of other things for why horseplayers have left horse racing. The above is a prime example why people move offshore, or leave horse racing altogether. It shows a disrespect to customers, and customers can only take so much before moving on.

This policy - and policies like it - are old, archaic, anti-customer and bad for the long-term health of horse racing. California should abolish it as soon as possible.

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