Friday, March 13, 2015

Angst Analyzes Payout Trends (With Some Horseplayer Help)

Today Frank Angst posted a link to his Bloodhorse piece about the declining level of exacta and trifecta payouts.

It's an interesting article with comments from HANA President and long time horseplayer (and data modeler) Jeff Platt. This trend has been going on for some time, and sharp money, along with higher and higher takeouts are playing a huge part.

We at HANA have looked at this experience in the past. Part of the HANA Ratings team, Mike Dorr, penned an article not long ago in the Horseplayer Monthly magazine (pdf) regarding it.

Of note, this month's Horseplayer Monthly was released just yesterday, (download your free copy here)

We thank Frank for talking about this issue, and consulting with horseplayers, some of whom study and work hard on these issues to make horse racing a better game for everyone.

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