Monday, September 15, 2014

The Skinny on Kentucky Downs

Via the DRF, Kentucky Downs handle from Saturday set a handle record, out-handling both Churchill and Los Al.

What's the skinny on this place?

Kentucky Downs has the lowest blended takeout and biggest fields in North America. (for a full list of statistics on 67 racetracks in the US and Canada, it's here). When they use instant racing money for purses, they've done it with you in mind. You know some of the four or five horse field stakes races we see so often? Not at Kentucky Downs.

Kentucky Downs President, in Horseplayer Monthly magazine (available for free here) said, "Horseplayers and horsemen were very complimentary of our last two live meetings. They remarked that they could not wait until next year. I believe that more of that group will point their bankrolls and horses to our 2014 season, which begins Sept. 6."

They have.

Handle in 2011 - with the higher takeout rates of 17.5% win and 22% exotics (the rates Churchill Downs raised theirs to in April) - was $915,000 per racecard. In 2012, after the takeout decrease at Kentucky Downs, the handle was $1,520,000 per racecard. In 2013, that grew to $2,500,000  per race card. This year looks to better last year's record breaking meet.

There are still two days left to play the Downs. Good luck if you're wagering and watching.

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kyle said...

Kentucky Downs offers the best racing and betting opportunity of the early fall. The only real competitor is Belmont. I think they should be doing 10 million on Saturdays. I think two changes/additions could get them there. The first is the camera work. It's impossible to visually follow the races. You're ok if you listen to the call, but I think the inability to follow the horses limits the appeal for some if not many. Second, I think they could use a hook - a signature bet. My suggestion would be a 50 cent/ low take / $100k guaranteed Pick 6. Again, at this point on the calendar there is no competition in that space. I think those two changes could ramp this meet up another couple of notches.