Friday, September 5, 2014

A Big Weekend For Horseplayers & Sneak Peek at the Horseplayer Monthly

Tomorrow morning our September issue will be released. As below:

Kentucky Downs - the lowest takeout track in North America, with large deep fields, and the highest handle growth track in racing - opens tomorrow afternoon.

We encourage all players - as we have since 2011 - to give this track a good long look.

The Horseplayer Monthly has Kentucky Downs handicapping thoughts from people like Mike Maloney, and the issue itself has a turf handicapping theme.

Also, a player alert that a track going the other way in terms of horseplayer and customer friendliness - Churchill Downs - opens tomorrow. HANA, and its members, are in a full boycott of all Churchill Downs properties, ADW's and data providers.  This is continuing for the fall meets.

For more information about Churchill Downs, their increase in takeout, the massive handle losses that occurred in the spring meet with your boycott, their executive compensation and horsemen complaints, please visit here.

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