Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bizarre: The Gulfstream Park DQ Winner Hits for $180k. But Had No Chance at a Pool Shot.

The Gulfstream DQ story is one that keeps on giving. Trot Insider tracked down the man who benefited from the disqualification last weekend of the $2 million dollar Rainbow Six at Gulfstream. He hit for $183,000. 

One man or woman's nightmare, was another man's gain.

However, notice the payout of $183,000. The Rainbow Six consolation only paid $36,659.22 for a 20-cent bet.

This man took a $72 ticket for a dollar. And hit the bet five times. If he took it for twenty cents  and he was the only winner - he wins the whole pool.

As Daryl Kaplan put it on twitter.....
Not only one bettor missed out on a jackpot score of a lifetime. The bettor with this $1 ticket never even had a chance.

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J.C. said...

I'm more of a novice... can someone explain this further what happened?
I don't understand what really went down here.

Anonymous said...

to take down the whole pool you have to be the only person with one 20 cent winning ticket, he put the bet in for a $1 which means he had it 5 times, giving himself no shot to take down the whole pool, the dumbass cost himself a million dollars