Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Notice to Illinois Residents about ADW (Account Deposit Wagering)

Illinois horseplayers are advised that The Illinois State Legislature allowed the statute authorizing ADW (Account Deposit Wagering) to sunset on 12-31-2012. You are also advised that the Legislature has failed to act, and to date, has not created new legislation that would reestablish ADW wagering for Illinois residents.

We at HANA believe the time has come for Illinois horseplayers to get involved. We urge you to contact your elected representatives and tell them your position on ADW wagering.

Here is a link to a .PDF that contains a list of House Members of the Illinois General Assembly:

Here is a link to a .PDF that contains a list of Illinois State Senators:

Here is a link to a .PDF that contains a sample letter voicing support for new legislation to reestablish ADW wagering for Illinois residents:

HANA Recommends Illinois Horseplayers Take the Following Action:
PRINT out the sample letter out and sign it (or craft a letter of your own.) Make sure your letter includes your printed name and address. Put your signed letter in an envelope. Be sure to print your return address clearly on the envelope. Put a postage stamp on the envelope and MAIL it to the offices of your State Senators and Assemblymen.

Also: CALL the offices of your elected officials and TELL the Staff Consultants working there your position on ADW wagering.

Then: TELL OTHERS. Send the following link out to other registered Illinois voters:

I have been told by Staff Consultants who work for State Senators and Assemblymen that registered voters doing it the old fashioned way – mailed in letters – and telephone calls – are much harder for elected officials to ignore than emails.

I urge you to take five minutes out of your day. Write a letter and mail it in. Then call. And tell others.

Make a difference.

Jeff Platt
President, HANA


That Blog Guy said...

Racing has made a lot of mistakes along the way, but in some ways the legislatures have hindered the industry more.

Anonymous said...

Good recommendations. I am a TVG member ( and I know a lot of people in Illinois were upset about this.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has helped. Part of the reason is that there are several articles on line in which the president of Balmoral Park and the Illinois harness association are against ADW's because they supposedly don't get a big enough of a cut. The fact that Illinois lets its signal available to out of state ADW's and not in state is distusting. It's even more distusting that HANA continues to promote Balmoral Park dispite this fact. So much for supporting the fans of horse racing