Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Big Splash for the Florida Derby?

Our friend Michael at Balmoral Park looked into the crystal ball and came up with, what we think, is a grand idea for the Rainbow Six. Should this play out, a $20 million dollar pool on national television could certainly give racing a much needed boost.

What do you think?

 I may have a grand idea for the Rainbow Six.

 Gulfstream races three days in April, with a closing day of Friday, April 5 which just happens to be Opening Day at Keeneland. The last Sunday in March is Easter Sunday and I am fairly certain that New York will not be able to wager on Gulfstream on March 31. This has always been a concern for Gulfstream management and they have changed their mandatory payout day in the past.

Which brings us to Saturday, March 30. The schedule for the day includes...

The Florida Derby Stakes

 Lets look into the future because that is what horseplayers do. There are 27 racing days until The Florida Derby. In the event that nobody takes down the jackpot in those 27 days, we are looking at a carryover in the vicinity of $7,000,000. Amazing at this may seem, that is not the best part.

 NBC Sports starts their 2013 Road to the Derby on that day with the national telecast of The Florida Derby. If you can get thru these next 27 days without a unique ticket, and Gulfstream can make the decision to have a mandatory payout on Florida Derby Day, you are looking at a total Rainbow Six pool of $20,000,000 that you can bet for ten cents. You can bet what every horseplayer in the country will be doing that day.

 In conclusion, this is the type of event that could jump start the Road To The Kentucky Derby and the entire thoroughbred industry and create something unforgettable.

$20,000,000 pool on a ten cent bet.
National TV.
The Florida Derby.

This horse can't miss.


Sal Carcia said...

Mike has a good idea, but I don't like it. NY bettors are not shut out on the last day like other years. Gulfstream needs to be careful about not compromising the integrity of this bet by handing it over the big players. A stakes card is more conducive to a single or two, thus allowing them to spread out more easily in the other races. I prefer the last day to be the usual cheaper claiming races that Gulfstream presents on weekdays. It will give everyone a fairer chance. This type of promo will really not help the TC and as far as it helping the game in general, it needs more careful planning. I'll take integrity over the quick fix approach.

Sal Carcia said...

After a further discussion with Michael, I am willing to concede that the marketing potential of this proposal outweighs any of my original concerns.