Monday, February 20, 2012

With High Takeout Players Clubs Are Needed: DRF

Today in the DRF Jay Bergman looks at rebating back action to on-track players.

"Through the early stages of private ownership, the New Meadowlands has emerged as a racetrack in search of ways to attract customers. While not brand new, the Big M Club continues to evolve as a means of rewarding players for their play."

Ironically, the slotless Jersey track has tried to gain more handle through rewards systems like this, but across the river, the slots track has not.

Since the fall of 2006, when slots and slot players first arrived at Yonkers, there became a two-caste system. Slot players were encouraged to sign up for membership and its rewards and horse players, well, they weren't told anything.

In the five years hence there is still no rewards system in place for horseplayers, although the Empire Club has been modified and improved.

How is it possible to provide rewards to slot players, when the essential takeout is just 8 percent, and offer nothing to horseplayers when the average takeout is well above 20 percent?


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That Blog Guy said...

How? Well the state gives the tracks money for marketing the slots which allows them to offer a rewards program. They don't for horse racing. Every pct of that takeout is allocated for purses, horsemen's associations, track, and etc. None of it is specified for rebates or 'marketing'.