Friday, September 17, 2010

Eng: "NYRA is Poised to Crush" & More

Rich Eng is back at it in the Las Vegas Review Journal, speaking about racing in the Golden state. He believes "the numbers are a lie" and that NYRA is ready (with slots and better take) to crush California.

Rich does not mince words. He is a gambler, and he knows gambling. He even puts forth the argument that we put forth here in February, about the change in blackjack rules, that are currently hurting Vegas casinos.

Fantastic interview here with Jason Settlemoir, VP of Tioga and Vernon, on their last meet. They lowered takeout and players responded. He is trying to get horse racing takeout on par with slot takeout (9%) to help grow the sport. He has some great opinions on growing he sport and including the customer in its growth. It was a great listen and we wholeheartedly recommend listening (and commenting there if you'd like to show support) whether you are a HANA member who follows the hoppled hooves of that sport, or not.

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