Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tioga Handle Continues to Rise

It was announced today that Tioga Downs, who lowered their takeout to New York state minimums, continues to see rising handle. The export handle was up 21% last month. Conversely, horsemen at their sister track Vernon Downs, refused to sign on to the decreased takeout initiative and kept 2010 takeout at 2009 rates. Their handle in 2010 is off 13%.

For harness players, keep doing what you are doing: Supporting this track who has the lowest takeout in racing. They are growing, while the sport of harness is suffering. They deserve our support. Click here to go to the Tioga Handicapping page.

We wonder if California racing is listening?

Press Release below from Tioga.

Handle Numbers On The Rise At Tioga

Aug 4

Tioga Downs lowered its takeout rates to state minimums for the 2010 race season, and the numbers have shown promise as they continue to rise. In July Tioga Downs was up in its live racing handle by eight per cent, and watched its export number grow for the second straight month by 21 per cent. For the year Tioga Downs is down one per cent on live handle, but is up in export by 13 per cent compared to 2009. The import number at Tioga in July picked up by 25 per cent, and for the year is up by four and a half per cent.

“These are the types of numbers we were hoping for when we took on the lower takeout rate initiative this year. It is encouraging to see numbers grow at this rate, and we hope to keep it up through our 2010 race meet. With all of the bad news in our industry as of late it is good to see that with hard work and just a few changes we can make a positive impact here at Tioga,” said Jason Settlemoir, VP of Racing and Simulcast.

Conversely, at Vernon Downs, the HHA of CNY refused an agreement with management for lower takeout rates, and the Vernon Downs export numbers for 2010 are down more than 13 per cent in 2010.

(Tioga Downs)

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