Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Interesting Comment

Is there any wonder which way takeout is going in California after reading this comment.

"NYRA’s three-horse wagers are 26%, compared with 20.68% for Del Mar. That 20.68% is on superfectas, pick threes, pick fours and pick sixes. Monmouth’s takeout is 25% on those three-horse bets. We still have plenty of room to be price competitive."
Del Mar's Craig Fravel via the Paulick Report.

It appears California racing is striving to have as high a takeout as those two other tracks on exotics, as a sound business strategy.

In other news, California's lotteries continue to hurt horse racing. They are budgeting for a 16% increase in sales, after lowering takeout in April. Sales in the first month after the takeout was lowered leaped by $55M.

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