Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoroughbred Takeout Increase in California?

HANA has learned that California's thoroughbred tracks and horsemen are spearheading an effort calling for a takeout increase on exotic wagers at California's thoroughbred tracks.

Sources tell us that California tracks and horsemen have asked John A. Perez, the Speaker of the Assembly, to sponsor a bill paving the way for a 2 percent takeout increase on exotic wagers involving two betting interests (double and exacta.)

Further, the measure calls for a 3 percent increase on exotic wagers involving three or more betting interests (trifecta, pick3, pick4, pick6, pick all, and super high five.)

Time is of the essence. Bill 2414 sponsored by John A. Perez is slated for a hearing on Monday August 2, 2010.

We have reason to believe that the final amended version of this bill will contain language about the takeout increase. That version of the bill is NOT YET SHOWN on the California Assembly website.

We urge you to contact your elected California state government officials NOW to let them know how you feel.

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If you are not a California resident, use the following email address to contact the sponsor of Bill 2414:


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Richard said...

The California racing product continues to deteriorate as owners, trainers and horses exit the state. And, the solution is: Raise takeout?

For several years I haven't been able to find (aside from the BC races) good reasons to bet/support the lousy product that California is providing. Now, with higher takeout looming, add horseplayers to the list that will be exiting the state.

Unknown said...

Just sent my two cents to Mr. Perez.

Dear sir:

A takeout increase would be the worst thing for racing in California. The fields are small enough as it is. With the increase, handle will dip as smart horseplayers will go find another sport to bet on or will take their wager dollar out-of-state via the Internet. Whales and professional gamblers will not tolerate further depletion of their wagering dollar. On the other hand, lowering the takeout will increase handle, which will lead to higher purses and more money for all entities involved. Please sir, speak to the industry experts and fans and get their opinions before making this all important decision.

A takeout increase will drive away fans and horseplayers state wide. It will be disastrous because even out-of-state horseplayers will avoid California the same way they avoid Philadelphia Park and other venues where they ravage their customers' wagering dollars with inordinately high takeout rates.

Thank you for you time sir,

Michael Miner
A lifelong thoroughbred racing fan
Honolulu, Hawaii (formerly from Los Angeles)

Anonymous said...

I do not support synthetic track racing. Since all California tracks are synthetic, the take out does not matter.

Bill Davis