Monday, July 26, 2010

Better Information and Better Transparency

As horseplayers we are always on the lookout for more information. Whether it be a new speed fig, a paddock report via twitter or simply a new way to look at an old game, we tend to be interested. At HANA we are advocates for as much new information as possible, and a couple of items caught our eye recently.

First, Greg at Trackmaster informs us that they have added to their product line because of something wacky - input from you!

"Just in time for these premier meets, TrackMaster has made some significant improvements to its Thoroughbred product line. Many of these changes were a result of a meeting we had with the guys from HANA (Horse Players Association of North America), a smart group who has given a voice and influence in the industry for the “player”.

Now available in TrackMaster Plus Pro and our Platinum and regular PP files:

* Listing of prior race scratches, including reason
* A simple one page “In to go” list for jockeys, trainers and horses
* Highest Equibase Speed Figure earned added to the horse’s summary stats
* Direct link to Equibase for late scratches and changes
* Expanded conditional trainer stats
* Added statistics for the prior trainer when there is a trainer change

For a sample of the new look, and new items via a PP screen shot, click the pic and expand it.

Second up: NYRA has announced the judges will be explaining their decisions on camera. When we had some fun here a couple of months ago via a spoof post of "Undercover Bettor" we lamented that our money is simply not taken seriously in terms of inquiries. Well, NYRA has changed. We give them a hat tip for that.

“This new policy is a big step forward in providing transparency of the stewards’ decision-making,” NYRA president and chief executive officer Charles Hayward said. “Millions of dollars are bet everyday at NYRA tracks and customers should know why decisions are made in the stewards’ stand.”

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