Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roger Stein on AM830; Asks: Horseplayers to "Stand Up" Against Los Alamitos

Roger Stein, the So Cal based trainer, asked horseplayers to take a stand to protest the Los Alamitos takeout increase on his radio show today.

"It [the takeout increase] is a mistake." Stein said.

"Horseplayers have to come together...... to say they are not going to take it anymore. Unite, tell them we are not going to be gouged anymore. Pick a day, pool don't play."

His guests on the show agreed.

Bettor Bob: "this is hardball. They say they want to compete with other jurisdictions. They want to compete alright - by competing with others who rip off their customers."

Guest John Hardoon "2 full points is absurd and it is madness."

Some Los Al horseplayers, according to our inbox have been taking a stand thus far it appears. Handle for the first two days has not been good. For a recap, with full comparisons, click here.

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