Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Operation Tampa

Most of North America is under a deep freeze. I think I saw polar bears fighting for scraps out my door today..... and I was in Missouri. But that should all change come February 6th as we will be having a HANA Day at the races at lovely Tampa Bay Downs.

We cannot be specific on who will be going, but maybe we can shed a little light on that.

Ray Paulick will not be there, but Kevin Bacon? Maybe, just maybe.

Gene Simmons will not be there, but we are working on the lead signer from Whitesnake.

Teri Hatcher will not be there, but word is her husband looks exactly like Tampa GM Peter Berube. He will be there..... for sure.

We should have some events planned for the day, and there should be some like-minded horseplayers to mingle with, along with some HANA board members, including Theresia. If you are in the area, or plan on going sometime this meet, what about February 6th?

Email for details. And we'll have further updates here on the blog, too.

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