Thursday, September 25, 2008

See How Easy This Is?

Open access, throw in a few rebates, free video from most if not all ADW's. If we speak to some, this relatively simple business concept is likened to writing the Magna Carta whilst simultaneously curing the common cold.

Not at Hawthorne Racecourse.

In a piece titled No ADW Issues Evident we get to see what happens when racetracks and horseman groups actually distribute a signal to customers.

Walsh said the Hawthorne signal will be going out to all major advance deposit wagering companies -- the providers of Internet and telephone wagering that, along with horsemen and tracks, have been the focus of a battle this year over revenue-sharing plans.

“I don’t think there is a place out there that is not going to be able to bet Hawthorne,”

Score one for common sense with this line, as well.

“Horsemen are on both sides,” he said. “They believe they should get bigger percentages, but realize there may not be a percentage of any kind to get if these companies go out of business.”

If Horseplayers want to play Hawthorne it appears they will be able to and they won't have to bounce a ball on their nose to do it.


Anonymous said...

If ever there were a track that deserved a procott, it is Hawthorne. With "more than 200 members ... representing 10's of millions in annual wagering activity," HANA could make an impact in a single non-stakes race on the Hawthorne Gold Cup undercard. Can 200+ members be mobilized in 48 hours?

HANA said...

Hi Indy,

As you know this is a piece meal process. Right now we have about five or six things on the agenda that everyone is working on. This month has been productive in many of the issues.

I do think it is a great idea though. Members like yourself will be asked to mobilize in the future and I hope the organization can earn enough trust to join in something like you propose.

We have a goal of hundreds of millions in handle and thousands of members. I sincerely hope that can be achieved.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,
Recent news has indeed been exciting. HANA’s new, formal organizational structure should enable it to increase its membership dramatically.

Now that HANA has put names to positions, perhaps the editorial team could start identifying authors of editorial comments and opinions to enable new members to familiarize themselves with their leadership.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that the last two posts have highlighted racetracks (Hawthrone and Keeneland) doing the right things for fans and handicappers. I hope the HANA site continues to be a place that publicizes it when people in the industry do well, and not just a place to whine about what's wrong, like so many other venues.