Saturday, August 2, 2008

Takeout Rates For Thoroughbred Tracks

For up to date takeout rates for all tracks please visit this page.


Anonymous said...

This is great work. The only suggestion I would have is that; while some of the abbreviations are obvious, not all of them are, and as a consequence it would be helpful to have a legend key which more fully identifies all of the abbreviations used.

Thanks for the effort.

Anonymous said...

Actually; one other thing that would be helpful, is to include some indicator as to how; and by whom the takeout rates are established.

For example; in some states I believe the take out rates are established under the specific parimutuel wagering statute. At times specific takeout rates may be designated, and perhaps in others certain minimum or maximum rates may be established; but then anything within the outlying limits can be adjusted without need for legislatuive change.

In other states; the takeout rate may be established by rule; rather than by actual statute, and the rules are promulgated by the regulatory agency granted the authority to do so under the statute. Again, the rules may establish specific take out rates; or also just minimums or maximums, with the licensed operator given the flexibility to make adjustments based on their own circumstances.

One other apsect of take out which must also be considered is; if the statute or the regulations allow for some flexibility at the discretion of the licensed operator, does the operator have the sole discretion to make adjustments on their own, or does their contract agreement require the horsemen to agree to any changes as well.

Now that the information has been assembled as to what takeout rates are being charged, before any action can be taken to pursue adjusting those rates you need to know under what authority they are established, and who the parties are with the authority to enact changes, and then finally what the process is to be make those changes come about.

HANA said...

that is something that has been discussed, and actually has a signup sheet where people can volunteer to help out in that effort.

It is understandably a big research job, and we strongly encourage anyone with an interest to pitch in and spend some time helping out on that research project.

Anonymous said...

Great work! We have a table up on Harness Racing Blog which has fairly up to date takeout data for North American harness tracks.

It's linked to from my name (Harnesslink) above.

It's pretty cool as you can sort the data by clicking on the top columns.

Anonymous said...

I was just informed that Northlands Park (not on our chart) has the same takeout as Stampede Park 16.4% for wps and 24.8% for everything else.
Chick, how versatile is this chart, how quick can you add a new track?

HANA said...

great catch CG, they've been added

HANA said...

also added:

Beulah, Delta, Finger Lakes, Hastings

Anonymous said...

KDX 0.16 0.190 0.190 0.190 0.190 0.190
We should go in alphabetical order of the track symbols, not track name.
EVD and FE are in the wrong order.
BM should be after BEU
PID should be after PHI.
RPX 0.180 0.200 0.200 0.200 0.200 0.200

Kentucky Downs and Remington might bring down a few averages.

HANA said...

incorporated the suggestion of adding track names, fixed the listing order, added RP and KD, and broke the P3/4/6 out to seperate columns to allow for different rates at certain tracks.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to highlight the high and the low takeouts for each category?
Green for lowest, red for highest? Or do you have to stick with either bold or yellow if possible?

Good job any hoot.

HANA said...

I'd rather figure out how to allow the readers to sort from the top on whatever field they want, I think that would be cleaner.

If you go to the full page view (linked to above the chart) you'll see there is now a second page on the chart called "Gadget1"..if you click on that you can do some filtering for takeouts rates via pull down menus.

Kind of nice, but I'd like to have both that ability, and the ability to sort.

Anonymous said...

HANA and Cangamble, hows this:

It's sortable, and I've added a few options so you can download the code or embed it on any site/blog.

If you want to use it on this site you should probably download the code and upload it yourself so that you can make sure it is kept up to date.

The Javascript code at the top of the text file handles the sorting, and the rest is just a regular HTML table. Unless Blogger automatically strips the Javascript you should be able to just copy and paste the .txt file into a post, and then you can link to it from Google Docs.

If you need any help feel free to email me at

Anonymous said...

update 12/22: Gulfstream WPS: up to 17%, Pick 6 down to 15%.