Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HANA Starts to Roll

Ray Paulick of the Paulick Report spurred the discussion on ADW by reprinting a guest editorial today.

Thanks Ray. I believe that the Paulick Report was the first major news site to offer a view about ADW from a bettors perspective.

But that was only the first. Now, Bloodhorse has a story up related to the huge drop in wagering we have seen since the Triple Crown series.

A quote from John (who wrote the fascinating piece below on the Paradigm shift) and one of the founding members of HANA:

But one of the organizers of the new Horseplayers Association of North America feels some bettors have indeed departed the pools for friendlier environments.

“There is no doubt that some players have left the traditional pari-mutuel wagering platforms,” said John Swetye, a Connecticut entrepreneur who helped launch HANA, an advocacy organization for bettors. “Some left because they can't get a bet down with their ADW because it doesn't offer a particular track, or because the player can't have an account with a certain ADW because of where they live.”

Swetye, a former horse owner who is involved in television production and hedge funds, said one of HANA’s goals is to contribute positively to the industry’s solution process. But he said some perceptions are going to have to change.

“Right now, horseplayers get too little respect -- especially among some racetrack executives,” he said. “Horseplayers can not understand why the customer is given so little respect. Without horseplayers, would racetracks exist?”

We are beginning to roll.

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