Thursday, June 30, 2016

Canterbury Park Handicapping Primer for June 30

The weekly handicapping helper for Thursday, June 30's program at Canterbury Park is now available.  Tonight's card has 10 races, with the final eight being Thoroughbred events.  The early pick 4 starts in race three, the late pick 4 in race seven, and the pick 5 in race six.

Don't forget, we also have a free guide to Canterbury, courtesy of Equinometry, with historical stats, racing styles, and other thoughts that should help you if you don't have experience playing there.  We'd like to thank Lenny Moon for putting the guide together.

Craig Milkowski (Chief Figure Maker for TimeformUS)

Horse in Focus at Canterbury on Thursday June 30

Race 5:

Classy Teacher (#6)

-Top late speed rating in a race projected to have a fast pace by TimeformUS.
-First start for new trainer Joe Sharp, rated 89 of 100 with new acquistions.
-Poor last race can be ignored, was on dirt---never hit board in four tries on surface.

4/1 on ML

Candice Hare (Canterbury Park national handicapping correspondent)

R1: 8-7-1-2
R2: 3-4-2-8
R3: 1-5-6-2
R4: 3-7-6-5
R5: 3-6-5-7
R6: 3-2-5-1
R7: 3-1-5-2
R8: 9-5-7-3
R9: 4-3-6-5
R10: 6-5-1-2

Best Bet: R2 #3 Love James Bond

P3: R3 1 w 3,5,6,7 w 3,6,7

Brian Arrigoni (Paddock analyst for Canterbury Park) 

1: 3/7/8
2: 1/4/8
3: 6/5/3
4: 7/2/3
5: 3/2/5
6: 1/6/2
7: 6/9/3
8: 9/3/4
9: 1/4/3
10: 6/1/3

Early pick 4
3: 13456
4: 12367
5: 235
6: 1

Late pick 4
7: 369
8: 23479
9: 1347
10: 6

Dave - The Track Phantom - cut his teeth as a handicapper at Canterbury and has been having an excellent meet thus far. Dave has agreed to provide this Thursday's sheet for free!

You can see it right here!

Thanks Dave. Please visit his site for more information, and to look at his other tracks.

Jeff Platt of Jcapper software also has agreed to post his core selections, directly from the software.

Here are his power ratings (note the first two races are Quarter Horse races, so it starts in race three)


Johnny Love's thoughts on the card from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune are available here.

Other Twitter handles to follow for Canterbury:

Bruce Meyer
Doug McPherson
Wes Reynolds
Andrew Malecha

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