Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Handicapping Information Galore

The archive page of HANA's Horseplayer Monthly contains all of our issues dating back to our initial edition in September of 2013, but we will cross-post the entire archive in this post so you have it handy on the blog as well.  There are many handicapping articles, articles, and statistics for you to peruse. 

June Issue Features:
Barry Meadow talks Morning Lines, Lenny Moon finds a track he can crush, CJ of TimeFormUS looks at track bias. Pletcher's Derby record, what gives? Four ways to have more fun on big days. Mike Dorrwants WPS minimums hiked. 

FeaturesBelmont EpilogueDinkin is going to miss Keeneland poly, Garnet's harness column focuses on the Hawk, Belmont meet stats and much more. 

April Issue Features:
Track Ratings:
Methodology, Top five at a glance, Big movers, Interviews: Kentucky Downs Johnsen & Sam Houston’s Stahlbaum, Tracks Listed, 1 through 64, Statistics.

Keeneland Previews: Rich Nilsen, 7 Reasons to Play Keeneland, TimeformUS Trainer Numbers, Melissa Nolan’s Freshman Sire Outlook for the Horseplayer. 
Woodbine Preview, Stats, Bruno channels Abbott & Costello, Barry Meadow talks takeout, taxes & fees. Lenny Moon says it’s all about the Player. Garnet Barnsdale looks at false chalk in harness racing. JJ Hysell’s Derby Top 5, CJ from TimeFormUS explains run ups. Big figure gaps, sucker bets?

March Issue Features:
Barry Meadow kicks it off looking at odds lines, followed by an excellent article by Bruno de Julio, and our Cover Story, “A Review of Esquire’s Horseplayers” by Jerod Dinkin. Twinspires’ Jeremy Clemons answers eight questions and Larry Collmus gives one dandy interview.  Mark Patterson of Mountaineer shares tips and tricks, Doug McPherson lends his thoughts on Quarter Horse bias. In the harness section, Garnet Barnsdale looks at a “Trident” of handicapping.

JJ Hysell gives us her kick butt Derby Top Five, the WirePlayers boys and girls share their top ten.Mark Midland tells us why he thinks bigger tournaments are working at Derby Wars. We get some “FTS” and “STS” insight with Art Parker.

The Back Page shares some trainer stats from database handicapper Jeff Platt, that to our knowledge, are not published anywhere.

February Issue Features: 
Horseplayer Jerod Dinkin, a seven-time Horse Player World Series and three-time National Handicapping Championship qualifier, offers several tips tournament play, both before you enter and when you are in competition.
What is "lawyer handicapping" and why should you avoid it?  Barry Meadow explains.  Clocker, horseplayer, and jack-of-all trades Bruno De Julio explains why he likes to see horses "multi-task" and what that means. 

December Issue Feature:  
A trainer is 15% off the claim, wins 32% sprint to route, is pretty good with a certain jockey. How are we supposed to use these numbers? Barry Meadow explains how to, and not to, use published statistics when we handicap.

Breeders' Cup Issue Feature: 
Patrick McGoey won the Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge and over $500,000 two years in a row. We spoke with him as he goes for three.

October Issue Feature:
An interview with professional horseplayer Mike Maloney.  Learn how a pro goes about his betting day, and see if it can help you become a better horseplayer.

September Issue Feature: 
Are horses getting slower or faster? What's up with run up times? How are the TimeformUS figures constructed? Learn the answers in our Q and A with TimeformUS's Craig Milkowski. 

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