Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Now Churchill Downs Wants to Increase Takeout at the Fair Grounds

From the New Orleans Advocate:

"Down the road, Bryant said CDI would be interested in discussing cutting racing days and increasing the track’s takeout on bets, something that takes the legislature’s approval, and having 24 hours of slots operations instead of closing at midnight."

This is why 90.2% of you said you needed to boycott Chuchill Downs properties, ADW's and providers. You knew they would be coming after you at more than just one track.


Anonymous said...

With a sky high 25% takeout already in place at the Fairgrounds on the Pick 5 and all other three tier wagers, looks like CDI incredibly plans to gouge its shrinking customer base even more. Look for a huge decline in business there similar to what Churchill is experiencing now after their short-sighted money grab.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the latest Arlington numbers on the site and my jaw just about hit the floor. You are crushing these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Good work, folks. Keep the wallet closed for all CDI tracks.

When CDI raised takeout, they declared war on the customers. It is time to send them a message in return.

I'm a "weekend warrior" who pushes a few hundred through the tote every month. I do not get rebates. To make this game playable, takeout needs to be lower, not higher.

Quite frankly, CDI is robbing their customers with the takeout hike. We must continue to vote by keeping our wallets shut. I hope CDI has the worst meets ever at all of their tracks.