Wednesday, November 28, 2012

8 Steps to Help Racing

There was an article published today in Australia with 8 ways to fix racing. It should not surprise anyone that thousands of miles away the same issues are talked about, just like they are here. From the betting game, to owners, drugs, trainers and transparency.

One of them we don't hear enough of here is #6. Over 2,000 HANA members could've written this:

6. Punters are the industry's customers. Not owners. Certainly not breeders. Not the Spring Carnival party crowd. Punters.

Racing needs to understand that without punters there is no horseracing. They need to understand the threats of chronic inaction when punters are slapped in the face because they will still punt, but just not on horseracing. They will take their money to betting on ball sports that don't rely on wagering money, because they have TV rights, attendance fees and corporate sponsorship that racing doesn't. So when you serve up rubbish like Ballarat did yesterday, every punter who was locked into a quaddie was dudded and feels dudded. When Matthew Neilsen weighs in over-weight on a just-beaten mount, don't slap him with a token $800 fine, suspend him and anyone else who breaks that rule. If trainers and owners don't want vision of trials that are overseen by stewards released to the public, bad luck. If Tabcorp want to increase their exotic bet taxes, then tell them they can't. Get your track ratings and readings right and race over uniform distances. And if a stable blatantly changes tactics without notifying the public, then enforce the rule and punish those who break it.

To read the entire list, please click here.

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