Friday, June 3, 2011

Rich Eng - It's Not that Complicated

Today in the Las Vegas Review Journal, columnist Rich Eng states that the problems in California racing are many, but one solution for the customer is simple:
I suggest a cheaper, more common-sense approach to increase wagering: Just lower the takeout. A lower takeout would instantly make the product more attractive in the simulcast market.
For a primer on the work being done (or lobbying on behalf of you, the long overburdened player) from Jeff Platt, HANA President, please review his blog post here.

On the good news front, you have said time and time again that you want to support the racetracks who want to earn your business. One such track has caught the eye of our members who play harness racing - Tioga Downs. They were the only major track in North America - thoroughbred or standardbred - to lower takeout across the board this decade. Our friends at HANA Harness have started to arrange a Pool Party with Tioga for June 12th, which is coincidentally a marvelous betting card with myriad stakes.

Please watch the blog for news, past performances (Platinum ones graciously donated by the USTA and Trackmaster) and much more. If you'd like to join the harness team and work with tracks like Tioga, please email and he will add you to the mailing list and steering committee.

Lastly, we are extremely close to releasing the track ratings for 2011. This player resource will allow players to quickly scan all the thoroughbred tracks in NA, with updated takeout rates, bet types, field sizes and handle/pool sizes. Thanks to all HANA members who helped compile this list.

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